Meet the Pastors who have been teaching Bible Doctrine for over 100 years combined.

2211 S. Dixie HWY

Dalton, GA   30720

The Pastors at our church have bible knowledgeable and are experienced at teaching the Word of God.  All combined, they have over 100 years of wisdom concerning the doctrine that has been sought out many years ago. They delight in helping to win souls for Christ and serving God's people. 

We will Preach tirelessly the Everlasting, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ as the only hope for eternal life. 

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An image of Sr. Pastor Stoney Kiser and Wife Debbie Kiser.

Stoney Kiser - Debbie K.

Pastor Stoney became the pastor in 2014. He is a very caring & compassionate pastor who comes from a family that dedicated their life to the church. He plays the lead guitar in the church &  sings...basically church work has been his life from a very early age.  He is very versed of the Bible & the doctrine of our church. He rejoices to see one more soul give their heart & life to Jesus Christ. He loves the congregation & wants each one to know they have a part in the church.  He is married to the love of his life, Debbie.

An image of Assistant Pastor:  Dale Brewer and wife Debbie Brewer.

Dale Brewer - Debbie B.

Dale Brewer became our Assistant Pastor in 2010. Dale comes from a family of ministers, singers & musicians. His dad (Ollen Brewer) ironically traveled with Pastor Stoney's grand-dad (Dennis Smith) in the hills of Tennessee singing & preaching for years. Dale is so faithful to step up when the pastor needs him. Dale loves people & gladly serves the congregation. He celebrated 50 years as a minister, & 50 years of marriage to his lovely wife, Debbie in 2022.   

An image of the Youth Pastor: Landon Hughes and wife Leslie.

Landon Hughes - Leslie

Landon Hughes became Youth Pastor of our church in 2010. Landon comes from a very large family (John & Annie Hughes- Grandparents) of people lovers. He feels his calling is to help the youth. He, Leslie (wife) & other staff take the youth on trips, summer camp & provide time for other activities on the campus of our church. They have three children (two still live at home), so they are very acquainted with temptations & problems that the youth may experience.    

Also, meet the staff who works so faithfully to help the Pastors & this great church win souls for Christ & strengthen  those who remain...thank you to all who work so faithfully for the church! 

An image of the Children's Church representation.

Sundays @ 10:30 A.M.

Bible Lessons For Ages (4-12) which include reading, working word find puzzles, coloring and Q & A.

Herman & Stella Pratt  - Staff

An image representing the Adult Church Choir.

Adult Choir Practice is held on Wed. Evenings (after the Church service) in the Sanctuary *There is always room for one more to join

LaShanda Singleton

An image of hands clasped together on a bible as in prayer.

Young Men's Bible Study - (currently not meeting).  This program is for the men of our church learning the Word of God. 

Clay Harden 

An image representing the JOY Belles Ladies' Group of the Church.

Joybelles' - The Ladies of our Church meet on the 2nd Saturdays of each month @ 2 p.m. (subject to change). They fellowship, have overnight stays in the mountains, host luncheons and fund-raisers, etc.

An image of people with their arms & hands raised in praise.

Rock Solid Youth Ages: 12 & Up

Sun.: 6:00 p.m. & Wed.: 7:00 p.m.

Youth Pastor: Landon Hughes 

An image of a Greeter and a Guest.

Greeters:  At Front Entrance   

Dirs.:  Estle & Dean Singleton

An image of the youth in the Christmas Play.

The youth participate in the Easter Drama & Christmas Play. DirectorSkipper McCollum

An image of the Youth pictured in the Technical Booth.

The youth work in the technical/lighting booth.

Herbie Singleton & Landon Hughes.

An image of the Church's Pantry.


 Reba Kennedy & Staff

An image of Chairman of Deacons - Waylan Hall.

Chairman of Deacons 

Waylan Hall

An image of V. Chairman of Deacons - Jerome Akins.

V. Chairman of Deacons

Jerome Akins

An image of Lemuel Ray Faulknor in the sound booth.

Sound Booth: 

 Lemuel Ray Faulknor

An image representing the Children's Choir of the Church.

Rosella Faulknor & Amanda Pratt

An image of an anchor with words of strength written on it representing the "Anchored in Christ" Drama Team.

"Anchored in Christ"

Thursday: 7:00 p.m.

 Drama Team: Stephanie McCollum

An image of food representing the "Love Thy Neighbor Meals Through Share Baskets from the Church.

Love Thy Neighbor Meals Through Share Baskets:  

Reba Kennedy 

An image of "do good week" representing the Community Services Team of the Church.

Community Services: Sonja Hall & Cheryl Faulknor

An image of "Little Nightingales" representing the Wee Rock Nursery of the Church.

Wee Rock Nursery:  Leslie Hughes

"A Safe, Clean Environment for Your Little Ones."

Available for:  Ages 4 and below

*Due to circumstances, the nursery may not be available on Sunday for the a.m. service...thanks.

Thanks for visiting our site!!  "Look Up And Live" and May God Richly Bless You...

An image of the Church Clerk:  Delana Carson.

Church Clerk:

Delana Carson

An image of Ryman Hall in Dalton, GA.

Ryman Hall:

Regina Bell