Hard Bible Questions

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Learn Sought out Scripture-Based Answers that don't conflict.

Are you puzzled by all the conflicting Bible Doctrines?  It's understandable with all the different versions of the Bible in print today.  And, some ministers seem to be more of motivational speakers during their sermons than quoting and explaining the Bible.

Over 100 years ago a tall, thin young man in lower Appalachia answered God’s call on his life. Concerned that the church of his upbringing embraced doctrines and policies that were not based upon God’s word, he began to question their teachings. As his personal growth and study progressed, Charles T. Pratt (better known as C.T. Pratt) began to preach the Bible as God revealed it to him in the southern regions of the United States. The constant thread in his message was the plea, “Come go to heaven with me”. The Church of God of The Union Assembly was founded with God’s Word as its only guide and that thread has remained constant. “Come go to heaven with us”!

Scripture-Based Answers to Hard Bible Questions

Many people are so hungry to learn about the Lord & want answers to what they think are hard bible questions.  Some may ask, "Who is God"? or "Who is Jesus Christ"?

People who have attended church all their lives (1921) may wonder why anyone would ask these questions

But, the recitation of a school-sponsored prayer was prohibited in public schools by the Supreme Court back in 1962.  As a result, many school age students do not hear prayers at public schools or bible answers to questions such as these.  So, many generations are lacking in bible knowledge today.  

The Pastors of this church have much knowledge of the bible and are skilled in the Word of God.  However, it didn't come easy.  Many hours of study, prayer and guidance from men of old helped these pastors to gain the understanding and wisdom they possess today.  Their prayer is to help others to gain understanding and knowledge of the bible,too.


You may be asking, "What is God's plan for me"?  God's plan for mankind is to give them the opportunity to make their wrongs right.  If mankind will do that, there is everlasting joy and everlasting peace.  We can live forever with God through Jesus Christ.  That's the only way[read more]


 If you don't have faith, how are you going to where God is?  That faith is the first rung on the ladder. Jacob had a vision, and he saw the ladder that set on the earth.  The top of it reached up into heaven where God was.  Well, that ladder represents Jesus Christ. The first thing that you will find about Jesus Christ is when he said, “Add to your faith (in Peter's writing) virtue.  If you're going to have virtue, knowledge, temperance, godliness, brotherly kindness, charity [read more


The baby Jesus was born of the virgin Mary in Bethlehem.  At Christmas time, we celebrate a Christ that was born into the world, and many tell the story about Mary and baby Jesus.  Christ came to be a king in a spiritual aspect not as a natural aspect. He came to set up the Kingdom and to die for us. his side.  The Bible said forthwith came blood and water, and he purchased the church.  That is what caused him to be our Lord and King. When he died, he was made King. He was declared to be the King and the Son of God when he resurrected.  That's a beautiful message within itself but today this message speaks more about the birth of Jesus and his kingdom. Hopefully this message will encourage you to realize what Christmas is all about…the celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ [read more]


God sent his son to be our Saviour.  He gave his life for us to have salvation,

 deliverance, peace and joy.  That is where our hope in eternal life is...read more  


Many people have religion but they don't really have salvation.  You see, there's a difference between the two.  Apostle Paul had religion when he was persecuting the the church.  Today, people call it the 'holy war'.  People that have religion are fighting these wars that we see in the land and much of it is over religion and not salvation [read more]


I love the verse John 3:16 KJV, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten SonSon, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.  I am so thankful today that I'm not part of the crowd that perishes but a part of the crowd that believes unto the saving of the soul [read more]


Most everybody will tell you Jesus Christ came to the earth, was born in Bethlehem of Judea.  And that he was crucified and died.  Many people even admit he resurrected but there is much more to the fact that Jesus resurrected and got up from the grave.  Jesus Christ's resurrection gives us a hope of a resurrection [read more] 


Believing is so important because an unbeliever is going to be lost.  As a tree falleth so shall it be.  Today, we need to believe our soul and salvation are important [read more]


Repentance is not saying you're sorry for something you've done wrong.  Anybody can confess.  You can confess that you're doing wrong all day long but if you don't change, you have not really repented [read more]


Jesus Christ has a plan of salvation for you and that plan is to repent and to be baptized [read more].


There are some attributes about a person who has the Spirit  of God.  In Galatians the 5th Chapter, I love what the writer was talking to us about.  He was giving us an explanation of what our life should be, such as how we should act...[read more]


In Matthew 3:9, "And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham".