The Dalton Church Congregation

Typically on Sunday Mornings before the singing begins,  Pastor Stoney meets & greets.  Even though the sanctuary is large, he takes the time to fellowship with the congregation & guests. Then, he goes to the rostrum for the music service which preceeds the singing part of the service.

If you come & want to sing in the congregation with the band, that is a normal occurrence as well.

After all, congregational singing is beautiful, & we get to hear it a lot!

We are blessed with many talented musicians.  We never know who all will be visiting & join the band on Sundays.

Dalton Senior Choir

The Dalton Senior (Adult) Choir...there are more members who were not on stage that service so it is a large choir when they all get together.  The Choir sings Contemporary & Southern Gospel songs & Church Red Book Hymnals...basically a mixture. 

The Choir has been so faithful to sing on Sunday Mornings.  Many hours of meeting out & practicing has took place during the years.

This event is once a year in May.  They don't practice before the service but they sound so good.  It is amazing!

The Men's Large Choir
The Ladies Large Choir

The women and young girls gather on stage together for the annual event in June.  They don't practice as a group before the service.  It sounds great!

There is an old saying about singing: "Let the rafter's ring".  Wow!  They really sing.

Praise Team with Pastor Stoney

The Praise Team with Pastor Stoney - The Praise team sings Southern Gospel & Contemporary songs.  They sing at many of the Sunday morning services, & they sing beautiful.  Clay Harden is a member but isn't pictured with the group.

Family Ties Singing Group

Family Ties 

Lemuel Faulknor & his family makes up the group Family Ties.  They sing Southern Gospel songs & are so faithful to sing when called upon. Family harmony is great!

Celicia Kitchens - Soloist

Soloist Cecelia (Cedy) Kitchens 

Cedy, one of the five Burnett sisters was raised in Tennessee.  The whole family sang...her dad, mother and all five girls.  Her dad, Johnny Burnett was a minister so Cedy started singing when she was very young.  She sings Southern Gospel style songs.

Heritage Singing Group


The group "Heritage" started out as a singing group for Alton & Donna Gentry's Family. Alton sang many years with his wife & daughters. 

On occasion they sing Big Al's signature song, Look What's Waiting For Me.  Many folks still enjoy hearing that song today.

They sing Southern Gospel songs.

Pastor Stoney along with Jerome Akins & his wife, Kim has sang many years in the trio group, "Mercy Called".  

They have traveled many miles to sing as the group "Mercy Called"  but don't travel much anymore as this group due to Pastor Stoney's position at the Dalton Church. 

They sing Southern Gospel songs.

It has been said many times at church, "Singing won't take you to heaven but it will sure make you want to go".  How true!

And, we have plenty of singing.  Many times, Pastor Stoney strikes out on an old song during his sermon.  The Congregation joins in for a beautiful sound.  You would just have to hear it to know how beautiful the singing is...would you come & grace us with your presence? 

We have heard many times over the years during a sermon, "Heaven will be worth it at any price".  There is an old song titled, "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be"...Come, & let's go together to that beautiful home!  

"Consider what we say, and the Lord will give you understanding in all things."