Good News Blog


Do you want to learn more about the Good News of Jesus?  If you are interested in the Word of the Lord, you have come to the right place. These subjects will hold your attention if you will read them with a prayerful and open heart. The following blog has been created with many sought-out and needful subjects concerning God's Word for the Christian believer and anyone wanting to learn from the grand, old book...the Holy Bible - KJV.  

So many of these subjects were sought out and written with an abiding impulse and desire many, many years ago by C.T. Pratt the founder of the Church of God of the Union Assembly.  Posted on this blog are several of these subjects that were published in a little book called "NOTICE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" written in 1948 by Bro. Pratt.  

He felt the book would be refreshing and heart-cheering to read.  He offered it as a cherished effort of his life and confidently expected and prayed that its publication would do much good.  

As the pages fare forth on a mission of enlightenment, his earnest supplications attended, and his benedictions rest upon its readers.

If you don't see what you are looking for, check back for newly added doctrine subjects that you may have never heard of before or can find any other place except from the Church of God of the Union Assembly. 

Have questions you can't find answers the Pastors today...give them an opportunity.  They will answer any reasonable question with the help of the Lord.  Their desire is to help someone on this pathway called "life" in the Word of God.

"Consider what we say, and the Lord will give you understanding in all things."